SEASONS – Seasonal-themed smilies

Some smilies in the seasons power have alternative effects. To use the alternative effects, add the respective code at the end of the smiley. For example, earthsummer#wt causes strawberries to fall instead of the usual watermelons.

BESTFRIEND – Best friend animations and smilies

Function: To best friend, click the name of the desired user, click the Marry/Best Friend button, enter an optional message, and then enter your password. Then, click the icon of the animation you would like to be displayed when you best friend. While divorcing is free, BFFing costs 200 xats.

RANKSCROLL – Add different scrolls for different ranks

Rankscroll is a group power that allows you to set different scroll messages for specific ranges. To set a specific scroll message for a range, use the normal scroll command (s) followed by the letter of the next commna’s range, and then the message. For example: /sm, this is a message...